Are You Considering a Wheelchair Accessible Timeshare?

  Does a Wheelchair Accessible Timeshare Make Sense for You?

Physically challenged travelers have an increasing number of leisure travel options. These include a growing choice of timeshare resorts in beautiful vacation destinations that cater to wheelchair travelers. 

While U.S. resorts are required by law to provide at least one wheelchair accessible timeshare, many offer a varied and appealing selection of vacation ownership accommodations that meet the needs of disabled travelers.

Questions to Consider

If you travel frequently, you may want to consider whether purchasing a wheelchair accessible timeshare is right for you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you take regular vacations for at least a week at a time?

  • If you're looking at timeshare, which type of vacation ownership arrangement do you prefer? You may purchase by the week or you may choose to purchase points only, which gives you the flexibility of staying in different places without having to "exchange" your vacation through the resort's timeshare network.

  • Do you plan to own your timeshare for at least 10 years? According to timeshare experts, owners should keep their properties for at least a decade before the vacation purchase starts paying for itself. 

  • What if your vacation needs change?  You may find in the course of life the need or desire to sell your timeshare or generate some rental income from your vacation purchase, if you are not able to use it.

    To ensure  flexibility, learn about your options for selling and generating extra cash with timeshare rentals  – before you buy. There are a number of companies that specialize in timeshare  resales and rental programs.
  • Can you say no? If you attend timeshare presentations, be prepared to say no – even with aggressive sales tactics. If you want to avoid the sales presentation,  find a timeshare for sale through a reseller. You may potentially save thousands over a direct buy.

  • Is a timeshare an investment? It's a fact that timeshares depreciate in value. If you purchase, do so because you want to use the lodging and resort for your own great vacations, and to have flexibility to travel to other destinations through a timeshare exchange program.

  • Do you have the money readily available? Since timeshares depreciate, it is unwise to secure a loan for the majority of the purchase price.

For some, owning a timeshare can be a highly attractive, enjoyable way to vacation. Through vacation ownership, you purchase your time now and hedge against the rising costs of hotels. Another benefit is that you're usually able to visit new, exciting destinations by trading your vacation week with others in the resort’s vacation exchange network.

Tips Before Making a Timeshare Purchase

If you think a wheelchair accessible timeshare may be a viable option for your vacation enjoyment, here are some additional tips to consider before you buy or rent your timeshare — or anytime you travel.

  • Don't rely on brochures - call and ask if there are timeshare accommodations specifically designed for disabled travelers. Get specifics and ask about layout, furniture positioning, kitchen configuration, counter height, size of hallways, bathrooms, roll-in showers, etc.

  • Inquire about access to resort amenities, including available passages, to ensure you can fully enjoy everything the resort property has to offer.

  • Ask if there is handicap parking available, as well as wheelchair accessible transportation in or near the resort community.

  • Find out about available medical assistance in the area.

It is important to note that vacation resorts outside of the U.S. are not mandated by law to offer wheelchair accessible lodging.

Yet, many quality timeshare properties around the world recognize the importance of serving physically challenged travelers and offer special accommodations, such as timeshare resorts around the mountains of Argentina that cater to vacationers who use wheelchairs.

Therefore, always do your homework before planning to rent or purchase a vacation timeshare.

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