Enjoy the Outdoors with an
All Terrain Wheelchair

all terrain wheelchair

An all terrain wheelchair enables you to actively participate in a bevy of outdoor activities. This off-road style of mobility chair is designed to handle rugged and uneven surfaces that a standard wheel chair could not navigate.

Whether you enjoy traversing a rocky trail with friends at a nearby park, navigating a snowing path in the woods, or watching the sunset along a sandy beach, an all terrain wheelchair enables you to sustain an energetic lifestyle and participate in activities you enjoy.

These recreational wheelchair models provide a means to easily enjoy nature and fresh air -- and travel over dirt, gravel, sand, snow, water and other rough surfaces. The wheel angles enable nimble 360-degree turning and shock-absorbing tires make your ride as smooth as possible.

Manual and powered chair types are available and feature corrosion resistant materials and are built for high durability. There are a variety of model types from which to choose. Each has their own distinctive advantage.

Mid-wheel drive models are versatile and can navigate a variety of outdoor surfaces. These all terrain chairs can also be used indoors. Four-wheel drive models are good for more rugged outdoor use. They give the user stability and control traversing rough, wet, and dry ground.

Though, track-wheel models use heavy tracks (as the name implies) instead of wheels and are designed to handle more extreme, rough surface conditions.

Rear-wheel drive chairs are an excellent choice for all-around outdoor use and typically provide good travel range and speed.

In addition, some off-road wheelchairs are designed to be quickly disassembled and reassembled without tools, providing even more flexibility to take your chair wherever your interests carry you. Click for more information on all terrain wheel chairs >>.

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