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The following disabled friendly travel resources provide a wealth of information on the organizations and companies who cater to the needs of mobility challenged individuals.

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality
Founded in 1976, "SATH" is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness of the needs of travelers with disabilities and works to expand travel options. sath.org

Access-able Travel Source
Dedicated to mature and disabled travelers 1995, Access-able provides  information on disability magazines, how to travel with special needs, guides for cities, resorts and attractions, and where to find wheelchair and scooter rentals when you are on the road. access-able.com

Rolling Rains Travel Report
This site provides reviews of the tourism industry from a disability perspective and follows the development of accessible leisure and travel opportunities worldwide. rollingrains.com

Handicapped Travel Club (HTC)
Formed in 1973, HTC encourages RV traveling for people with a wide range of disabilities. HTC encourages people with disabilities and their families to travel, to meet and to share information on making recreational vehicles accessible for the disabled. handicappedtravelclub.com

Disabled Travelers
Provides information on businesses from around the world that specialize in travel for the disabled, including travel agents, tour operators, adventure travel companies, accessible cruise specialists, accessible van and equipment rentals, travel companions, home exchanges, and access guides for wheelchair users and other disabled travelers. disabledtravelers.com

Wheelchair Travel Resources
Provides accessibility reports for many of the world's most visited cities that include travel information on accessible public transportation, taxis, attractions, sidewalks, airports, hotels and more. wheelchairtravel.org

Accessible Travel Reviews
Providing travel reviews for and by people with disabilites and their families. accessibletravelreviews.com

The Opening Door
With its mission to open doors to persons with disabilities so they can enjoy all that the world has to offer, this organization’s web site, travelguides.org, offers travel links, access guides, databases and publications. travelguides.org

Travel Access Services (TASC)
TASC is an international organization that offers a database to assist individuals with travel planning by matching travelers’ accessibility needs with disabled friendly travel and hospitality providers. tascinternational.org

Emerging Horizons
A consumer oriented online magazine covering disabled friendly travel resources, news and accessible travel tips. emerginghorizons.com 

E-bility Access Travel: Australia
An accessible travel web site featuring disability related travel information, Australian tours, articles resources, services and products. e-bility-com

World on Wheelz
Originally created to be a helpful tool for disabled travelers who were planning their own trips, World On Wheelz now works with a travel agency to arrange and book accessible trips for disabled travelers. worldonwheelz.com

Access Travel Center
This site features a broad array of travel related information including links to discount travel information, cruises, hotels providing access for disabled guests, transportation and more. accesstravelcenter.com

Gimp on the Go
A web site filled with travel reviews, tips, photographs and resources on a wide range of travel-related topics. gimponthego.com

Travel with a Challenge
Provides information about cruise and land vacations specifically designed for mature travelers and those who are mobility challenged. travelwithachallenge.com

Global Access News
International accessible travel reports and a free e-zine. globalaccessnews.com

For more on accessible travel, please see the list of articles below.

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