Sports Wheel Chair Options

sports wheel chairs

A sports wheel chair enables athletes with mobility challenges to enjoy and become fully engaged in their favorite competitive or recreational sports activities.  

Whether you participate in basketball, tennis, rugby, hockey, racing, trail riding, football or other competitive activities, a sports mobility chair can be customized to ensure you maximize your performance on the court, field, track or trail.

Made with lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium, a sports wheelchair has a wider base and is fitted to your size, center of gravity, and the specific athletic sport.  

The engineering and design of athletic mobility chairs enable them to be tough, highly maneuverable, responsive, and stable. They are built to withstand impact and jarring required from different types of competitive and recreational activities. Some chairs may be sports specific.  

These athletic wheelchairs typically fall into one of four major categories. These include hand cycles, court chairs, all terrain wheel chairs, and racers.  

There are also a variety of beach wheel chairs for those who enjoy combing the beach and spending a day in the sun.

Depending on the athletic activities you enjoy and your specific requirements, chairs can range from a few thousand dollars up to a high-ticket investment for customized sports chairs.

Before making a purchase, check chair requirements and recommendations with an adaptive sports organization. You will find a comprehensive list of these associations, along with contact information, by clicking here: Wheelchair Sports Organizations

Also prior to buying an athletic wheel chair, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company if you want protection for damage or loss. Sports chairs may not be covered by a standard insurance policy so talk with your agent about coverage options, if that is a concern.  

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