Wheelchair Accessible Camping

If you are interested in wheelchair accessible camping, there are an ever-growing number of appealing destinations and options from which to choose. Most campgrounds designate a select number of wheelchair accessible campsites that comply to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. In addition, you can also purchase equipment to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Typical Amenities

Adaptive campsites are usually built near public areas, such as showers and bathrooms. These areas are likely to be paved or well leveled, enabling people with wheelchairs to easily traverse the paths and go from place to place.

Some accessible campsites also offer electrical hookups for people with medical equipment, which adds more freedom to your camping adventure.

Finding Accessible Campsites

You can find wheelchair friendly campgrounds across the United States and worldwide. However, the degree of accessibility varies substantially from country to country. Therefore, if you plan to camp internationally, be sure to research your options in advance of your camping trip so you know what to expect when you arrive.

Direct contact with parks departments and campground offices is the best method of learning about accessible camping options and availability. You may also be able to find online reviews of campsites to see what others have said about accessibility in the locations where you want to travel.

If you are traveling in the U.S., visit www.recreation.gov to find out which parks offer accessible campsites. You will also be able to reserve your campsite online in most cases.

When you visit the site, click the "accessibility needs" button to determine location and availability. If you reserve an accessible campsite, you may be required to show proof of a disability when you arrive.

Types of Camping

If you are tent camping, make sure the tent you have is large enough to accommodate your wheelchair and your need to move around inside. Your tent should be comfortable, well ventilated, offer protection from the elements, and feature a doorway that is easy to open and close.

If you are considering buying or renting a recreational vehicle (RV) for camping, you'll find helpful tips and information by reading this article: Wheelchair RV Vacationing.

Some campgrounds in around the world offer yurt rentals, which can be enjoyable and comfortable for wheelchair accessible camping. A yurt is a wood-framed, domed structure covered by lattice or heavy, protective fabric.

Yurts originated in Central Asia and were used as shelter for nomads for centuries. They offer a unique and memorable camping adventure.

Click here for a list of Adaptive Travel Resources, covering all types of travel options for people with wheelchairs.

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