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Welcome! serves as an informational guide on wheel chairs, mobility equipment, disability resources, adaptive aids, and recreational outlets that enhance the lives of individuals of all ages who need mobility assistance.

I created this site to honor my mother, Anita K. Schwab, who was left paralyzed after a devastating stroke – and fully reliant on a wheel chair for mobility. Consistent with the way she lived her life, my mom never lost her positive attitude and steadfast belief that anything is possible with the right outlook, motivation, and tools.

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With enviable determination and fervor, she took full advantage of educational opportunities, mobility aids, and wheelchair equipment to live each day more independently and experience greater joy. 

In that spirit, each article and resource on this website is designed to educate and provide insights that enable you to have more informed discussions with your health care professional about your mobility equipment needs. 

You'll also find contact information for organizations dedicated to helping you achieve a more independent and satisfying lifestyle. These include a wide range of sporting and recreational groups, as well as intriguing  travel options. 

Therefore, I hope you will find this mobility site beneficial... whether you need information on wheelchair options, mobility scooters, adaptive vans, lifts and ramps, wheelchair sports organizations, or accessible travel tips. 

Wheel Chair Mobility Resources 

We also provide an extensive list of resources where you can reach out for information and assistance whenever the need arises. Click on this link for a list of organizations that provide mobility help and education.

If you want to learn about service or aid dogs – including benefits, training and applying for a trained assistance animal – be sure to check out our section on service dogs, as well. 

wheelchair for dogs

In addition, there's information on how to enhance mobility and quality of life for a physically challenged dog or cat. You'll find tips and resources for getting a custom-fit wheelchair or other adaptive equipment for your beloved furry friend.  

Please remember to always consult with your healthcare professional for all mobility-related decisions. The content on this site is designed to be helpful in nature, but not to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any kind. 

Your feedback is encouraged!

I appreciate your visiting Your comments are always welcomed and will be used to continually enhance the value of this site for visitors. Please take a moment to share your thoughts by clicking here: Contact Mobility-Advisor.comThank you!

- Jules Sowder, Publisher

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