Folding Wheelchair Ramp

folding wheelchair ramp

For those who use mobility chairs, a folding wheelchair ramp can make more of the world accessible.

Ideal for frequent travelers or residential renters, these portable ramps are light and easy to transport, making it possible to navigate curbs, thresholds, porches and other difficult-to-access areas. Folding ramps also can be used to enter and exit vans that are equipped to carry mobility chairs.

With these ramps, there is little set-up time and they can be quickly removed and stored when they are no longer needed.

If you are considering purchasing a folding ramp, identify how you will use your ramp, as well as the size you require.

For instance, do you have a relatively small wheelchair and need a relatively short ramp to help you bridge a curb, doorway or step? Or do you have a large power chair and require the ability to traverse three or four steps or access a van?

Before you buy or rent any type of ramp, determine the exact length you'll need. You’ll first need to measure the rise, which is the height from the ground to where the top if the ramp will rest. The ADA recommends a 1:12 slope. For ADA ramp requirements, click here: Wheelchair Ramp Specifications

Also, take into account the weight, durability and ease of transport for your portable ramp. Look for the safety features, such as non-skid surfaces and a safety curb for roll-off prevention.

Then, select the folding style and ramp that suits your needs.

  • Portable suitcase ramps, as the name implies, fold up into a long-style suitcase with a carrying handle. They can be packed and unpacked – and used to access porches and raised landings. 
  • Single- and multi-fold ramps easily unfold to the required length to access vans, minivans, and raised landings.

For more information on on ramp types, click here: Mobility Ramps.

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