Teen with Cerebral Palsy Receives Action Trackchair from a Stranger

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After a chance meeting during a Florida vacation, a teen named Kainen with cerebral palsy received a once-in-a-lifetime, generous gift from an individual whom he only briefly met.

The gift was a special wheelchair that enabled him to go places and do things most individuals take for granted – traverse a variety of rough and soft surfaces comprised of sand, rocks, grass, dirt and/or snow.

The gift was a heavy-duty, all-terrain wheelchair known as an Action Trackchair. The teen had the chance to try one while on vacation with his family. while a stranger who owned the chair looked on. Later the stranger approached Kainen's father and requested the opportunity to buy the teen a similar wheelchair as a gift.

At a year old, Kainen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic. His main mode of transportation is a heavy power wheelchair. While enabling a tremendous amount of mobility for the teen, the power chair has limitations on where it can go and how it can be used. 

As his father notes, Kainen's power chair cannot be used on uneven, wet or icy surfaces. It can easily sink or slide when rolling across a grassy field, mud path, frozen sidewalk, or sand beach.

Now with his new, rugged all-terrain wheelchair, Kainen has the ability to enjoy four-season independence on trails, beaches, fields, parks, and more. 

Together with the stranger, Kainen's father orchestrated a way to surprise the teen with the his new all-terrain chair. After school one day, Kainen thought he was going to be interviewed  about power soccer once he got off his school bus. Instead, his father opened the garage door to reveal the gift from the stranger the two had met on vacation.

Both father and son were overwhelmed and delighted by the generosity of the giver. Their story made the evening news and was posted on social media.

For the full story about Kainen's special gift of mobility, please watch the following video that was posted on Facebook. 

To learn more about the Action Trackchair, visit actiontrackchair.com. For information on the variety of all-terrain wheelchairs that are available, please see the article links below.

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