Enjoy Sand, Sun and Surf with a
Beach All Terrain Wheelchair

Using a beach all terrain wheelchair will give you mobility to traverse sandy surfaces and enjoy getting your feet and legs wet in the water.  After all, there’s something magical about spending a day at the beach basking in the sun and splashing in the water.

While the wheels of a standard mobility chair will typically sink or plow into the soft sandy terrain of the beach, there are a number of manufacturers who make beach wheelchair models that enable you the same access and pleasure as other beach goers.

beach all terrain wheelchair

These recreational beach chairs feature large, balloon-type wheels that are soft, light and tough. The hefty, wide wheels makes it easy to navigate and roll over uneven beach surfaces. Made of water-compatible materials, beach wheelchair models are lightweight and can be easily assembled, disassembled and stored.  

There are a variety of beach chair options from which to choose. You can purchase a beach chair conversion kit that contains four wheels and axle mounts that convert any lightweight wheel chair into a beach wheelchair.

There are amphibious models designed for both land and water that provide comfortable flotation in lakes, calm ocean waters and even swimming pools. You can also select from powerchairs that are designed to cruise the beach up to six miles per hour or a variety of manual models that can be pushed or pulled by a companion.

beach wheelchairs

Some beach wheelchairs come equipped with reclining seats and a host of accessories to accommodate your recreational needs including a sun umbrella, beach bag, fishing rod holder, cushion set, retractable footrest, reclining seat, drink holder, and carrier.

There are a number of all-terrain manufacturers including Landeez, Tiralo, De-Bug, Sand Rider, Hippocampe, Deming Designs, Roleez (tires), Hotshot Products and others. Check with your area mobility distributor or on the internet for companies and product lines. As with any mobility chair purchase, do your research and check for comfort, fit, customer satisfaction, servicing and reliability.

Another option to consider is renting when you go to the beach. Call ahead to vacation visitor centers and/or parks and recreation departments to see if you can rent a beach mobility chair once you arrive. Many beach locations have rental and availability information on the internet.

Whether you decide to buy or rent, enjoy the sound of the water lapping against the shore, smell of the ocean air, warmth of the sun on your shoulders, and feel of the ocean or lake water. It relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit.

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