All Terrain Power Wheelchair

An all terrain power wheelchair gives you the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to cruise a sandy beach or traverse an off-road path, an all terrain model can help you lead an active lifestyle and take you just about anywhere you want to go.

So, if you are considering purchasing an all terrain wheelchair, the following information will help you determine which type of chair will best meet your needs and interests.

Mid-Wheel Drive

An mid-wheel drive chair is the most versatile type of all terrain power models. With six wheels on the ground, it can navigate various types of terrain with traction and stability. Performing well both indoors and on rough, outdoor surfaces, mid-wheel drive models are highly maneuverable and feature a tight turning radius.

Four-Wheel Drive

An all terrain four-wheel drive power chair is designed for rugged, outdoor use. Providing stability and control on rough, uneven surfaces, it also handles well on mud, snow, sand, wet ground, and soft ground.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-wheel drive models don't offer the extensive maneuverability of mid-wheel drive power chairs, but they are a popular for a variety of outdoor uses. These chairs offer excellent travel range and speed, as well as versatile seating options.

Track-Wheel Models

As the name implies, all terrain track chairs feature tracks instead of wheels. They give users the ability to traverse extremely rough terrain and can also be used in spacious indoor settings without causing damage to flooring or carpeting.

Choosing the Right All-Terrain Wheelchair

Before making your purchase decision, consider the type of surfaces on which you will be regularly using your all terrain chair. If possible, try out different models and consider renting an all terrain chair for the day. Rentals are available in many vacation destinations.

The National Center on Accessibility ( is a helpful resource, as you evaluate different types of all terrain models. The non-profit organization's website features information and specifications on all terrain wheelchairs.

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