Wheelchair Accessible Hunting

Wheelchair accessible hunting is growing in popularity among men and women hunting enthusiasts. Special wheelchairs and adaptive equipment,  recreational clubs, and other nonprofit organizations for the disabled are paving the way for greater participation in the sport.

In addition, state regulations that accommodate the needs of people with physical challenges are helping to make the great outdoors more accessible than ever.

If you are interested in hunting and are trying to determine whether it is a good fit for you, here are some tips and questions to consider:

  • Should you use a manually powered or electronic wheelchair? If you have good upper-body strength, a manual chair might be the right choice. But if you experience pain or are easily tired, an electronic chair might be the better option.
  • Would your hunting experience be enhanced by an all-terrain or off-road style of wheelchair? If so, make sure the wheels and tires are tough enough to handle the terrain.
  • Look into the many kinds of adaptive equipment available, including trigger adapters, gun rigs, and duck blinds.

To learn more about accessible hunting options in your area, the Internet is a great resource. There you’ll find links to laws and permits that affect the physically challenged on a state-by-state basis.

You’ll also find a host of clubs and organizations dedicated to making wheelchair hunting an enjoyable experience. For example, ChairboundHunters.com is a group that helps give physically challenged hunters the opportunity to experience quality hunting in beautiful southeast Wyoming. 

To share other organizations that are dedicated to promoting the sport of wheelchair hunting, please click here.

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