Bath Tub Lifts

Bath tub lifts help enhance safety, while providing
comfort and increased accessibility.

For assistance getting in and out of the tub, you may want to consider purchasing one of a variety of tub lifts that are on the market. Fitting most standard home bathtubs, a bath tub lift enables users to maintain greater independence and continue enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath.

Tub lifts are often a viable, cost-effective alternative to buying a walk-in bathtub or reconstructing a bathroom to add a walk-in shower. 

Abir Mullick, associate professor of the Industrial Design Program at Georgia Tech, describes four of the most common bath lift types in a TeamRehab Report. They include:

  1. A hydraulic lift is appropriate for people who depend on caregivers for making transfers. If you are afraid of heights or have difficulty maintaining a stable sitting position, this type lift should not be used.

  2. Water-pressure lifts utilize household water pressure to operate. The user sits in a swivel seat, rotated over, and gradually lowered into, the tub.

  3. A floor lift works for people who are unable to make independent transfers. It requires a large bathroom and a caregiver’s help.

  4. A powered lift serves those with mobility problems by using a harness to seat the user. The harness offers a safe, comfortable grip on the user and allow the caregiver excellent access for washing.

Mullick emphasizes the importance of professional installation and maintenance to ensure the safety of your bath lift.

Bath lifts run off of a rechargeable battery. If the battery is running low, the lift will not work so the user does not need to worry about being "stranded" in the tub. 

A pressure-sensitive up-down switch enables the bather to be gently lifted into the tub and raised after bathing. Typically, an overnight charge will restore battery strength to 100 percent.

 For more information on click here: Mobility Bathlifts.

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