Handicap Shower Buying Tips

A handicap shower enables people with limited mobility to more easily in and out of the shower, comfortably bathe themselves, and enjoy greater independence. In addition, accessible showers offer important safety features that help prevent injuries caused by slipping and falling.

Most accessible shower models feature anti-slip flooring, built-in seating, hand-held shower head, anti-scald shower valve, grab bars, and a power seat and/or swivel chair that lifts the user in and out of shower.

Types of Accessible Showers and Baths

Barrier-Free Showers: These accessible showers have a low threshold, permitting easy access. They feature water retainers or dams, which control water spillage and prevent falls. You can install a shower curtain or folding door in your barrier-free shower to prevent water damage to your flooring.

Wet Rooms: A wet room is a watertight bathroom that doesn’t have a bathtub or shower cubicle. Wet rooms are completely water proofed and feature an anti-slip surface. When you install a wet room, you convert your entire bathroom into a spacious shower room.

Walk-in Tub: Walk-in bathtubs feature a watertight side door with a lock, built-in seat, hand-held shower, and non-slip surface. They are much easier to get in and out of than conventional bathtubs because they don’t require you to climb over the side of the tub.

You can also install a power seat that facilitates transferring directly from your wheelchair. While there are a wide range of tub styles, configurations and features from which to choose, ensure the tub you select is fully UL listed/approved.

The website, www.ul.com, provides additional information on bathtub requirements and product safety. For more information on walk-in tubs, please click here.

Shower Accessories: Cost-Effective Alternative

If you are on a limited budget, consider buying shower stall accessories that enhance accessibility and help prevent potential injury. These include grab bars, hand-held shower head, anti-slip flooring, shower ramp, or shower wheelchair.

Shower accessories make your existing shower easier to use without requiring the significant investment associated with installing a new tub or shower cubicle. 

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