Bath Tub Lift Benefits

A bath tub lift enables individuals with limited mobility to get in and out of their bath tubs more safely and easily. A tub lift lowers the you into the water and then raises you back out once your bath is complete. Tub lifts are convenient and can be installed on most bath tubs without modifying the tub itself.

Tub lifts are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. They typically feature easy-to-use hand controls, an adjustable seat, and a backrest that allows the user to recline.

You can adjust the speed and angle of your tub lift based on your personal preferences. To increase safety and security, you can also purchase a body belt to attach to your lift.Although tub lifts are lightweight, some have the capacity to accommodate users who weigh up to 350 pounds. The are battery powered and some models are water pressure operated.

Before shopping around for a lift for your bath tub, measure the dimensions of your tub. You will need these measurements to select a lift that is properly sized for your bathroom. Many sellers of tub lifts offer free home demonstrations with no obligation to buy. This will enable you to test the product before purchasing it to ensure it is a good fit, comfortable and easy to operate.

Having an in-home demonstration will also provide the opportunity to ask specific questions about installation and transportability. Portable lifts are designed to be installed quickly on the side of existing tubs without any required modifications.

Since you can install a tub lift in a matter of minutes, it can be easily taken with you when you travel. Some tub lift manufacturers offer carry bags for better portability. A tub lift makes bathing more accessible and safer by preventing opportunities for sips and falls. Getting in and out of the bath tub is more comfortable and convenient, allowing you to maintain your privacy and independence when you bathe. 

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