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Mobility chair technology continuously evolves and the latest wheelchair trends provide users and caregivers more functionality, comfort, and convenience. Following are some of the advancements in the wheelchair industry:

  1. Lightweight and foldable: There is a growing trend toward lightweight and foldable wheelchairs that are easier to transport and store. These wheelchairs are made from materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, and can weigh as little as 10 pounds.

  2. Power assist: Power assist features, such as electric motors or add-on power assist wheels, are becoming more popular for manual wheelchairs. These features can help users navigate inclines and uneven terrain with less effort.

  3. Smart technology: Wheelchairs with built-in smart technology are becoming more common. These features may include sensors to detect obstacles and adjust the chair's speed, as well as GPS and connectivity options to monitor the chair's location and performance.

  4. Customization: As with many other products, there is a growing trend toward customizable wheelchairs that can be tailored to each user's individual needs and preferences. This includes options for seat size and shape, backrest design, and other features.

  5. Sustainability: Many wheelchair manufacturers are making efforts to be more environmentally sustainable, using eco-friendly materials and designing products that can be easily repaired and recycled.

According to Mark. E Smith of New Mobility magazine, which is published by the United Spinal Association, wheelchair advancements also include these areas:

  • Voltage
  • Seat Elevation
  • Bear Boxes
  • Wheelchair Forks
  • Tires

Voltage Increases

Enhancing the power of 24-volt electric chairs, 36-volt models are now available that offer greater performance, specifically when traversing inclines and rough surfaces. With the increase in power, come changes in the type of electronics, charger, and battery that are built into the chair design.

Seats with Greater Elevation 

Power mobility chairs are now being designed with enhanced elevating seat systems. This allows users greater capability by easily adjusting the power seat to reach higher and differing levels.

This enables individuals to comfortably sit at taller countertops, more easily transfer to surfaces at different heights, and reach higher cabinet and closet shelves.

Single-Stage Gear Boxes

For nearly 20 years, electric wheelchairs have typically used multi-stage gearboxes to optimize chair speed with torque. With increasing demands for greater power and maneuverability, manufacturers are beginning to incorporate single-stage gearboxes into some high-end electric chair designs.

Testing has demonstrated that one large gear can be more responsive and efficient for models built with greater speed and power capacity. 

Streamlined Wheel Forks

Single-sided wheel forks are now being used in the design of manual and electric wheelchairs. In contrast to double-sided forks, the streamlined fork design takes up less space and doesn’t protrude. As a result, it is far less likely that the wheel forks will scrape and damage walls or other surfaces while in use. 

Black Tires - New Developments 

Mobility tire manufacturers have made strides in engineering non-marring, non-leaching black tires, according to Smith. These new tires are designed to replace the gray-toned tires that have been used for years because, unlike the earlier black tires, the gray rubber tires didn’t leave floor marks and scuffs.  

Yet, even with new manufacturing techniques, some black tires for wheelchairs are still made with carbon-based black rubber that can seep when wet. Therefore, if you are purchasing a new wheelchair with black tires or are replacing your gray, worn ones with new black tires, check to ensure your new tires are non-marring and non-leaching in all weather conditions.

To read Smith’s article with more information about these mobility chair trends, click here

Overall, these wheelchair trends reflect a growing focus on making wheelchairs more accessible, convenient, and customizable for users, as well as more environmentally sustainable.

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