Choosing a Discount Wheelchair Store

Advice for Selecting a Mobility Chair Retailer

Buying mobility equipment from a discount wheelchair store, either on location or online, doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing quality for economy. When searching for a retailer, look for a company that features a wide range of manual and electric wheelchairs. You also should be able to choose from a good selection of mobility chair accessories, including seat cushions, trays, bags, mirrors, batteries, gloves and more.

A well-run wheelchair store will have experts on hand to address your specific needs during the buying process, as well as offer to help you with any problems that may occur after your purchase, including any needed repairs or part

If you are purchasing online, look for an easy-to-find phone number on the website to call and speak with a live person. Also check the days and times a  representative is available to talk with you and answer your questions.

A reputable mobility chair retailer will feature a generous return policy in the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Most sellers give customers 30 days or more to make a return – whether you are purchasing in person or online.

Check review sites, including Google reviews, to see how previous buyers rate the retao;er, their purchase and buying experience. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau ( to ensure the retailer is in good standing with the watch-dog agency.

On the Better Business Bureau website, you will be able to check the seller's complaint history and see if the store has a satisfactory record. This includes documentation that the business has been in operation for at least 12 months and the retailer has a satisfactory complaint and resolution record.

Check to ensure that any complaints referred by the BBB have been properly addressed, there isn't an unusually large volume of complaints, and no government action has been undertaken questioning the company’s marketplace conduct. 

You also may want to ask for shopping recommendations from healthcare providers, insurance companies and/or friends who have experience with retail mobility purchases.

Before you buy, always consult with your healthcare professional to ensure your mobility equipment purchase fully meets your individual needs. 

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