Wheelchair and Mobility Equipment Donations

If you are in need of a donated wheelchair or have mobility aids you want to give away, consider contacting one or more of the organizations listed below.

Also, you may find referrals for donated mobility equipment by contacting your local Department of Social Services, United Way, seniors' organizations, mobility retailers and/or other area charities that serve people with physical challenges. 

Please note that Mobility-Advisor.com is not able to provide or accept wheelchair donations. 

Organizations that Accept and Provide Donated Wheelchairs

Alternatives in Motion
Founded in 1995, this not-for-profit organization helps provide wheelchairs for people who are uninsured.

American Mobility Outreach 
The foundation welcomes donations of new or used wheelchairs, power chairs or scooters and refurbishes them to later be given free-of-charge to verterans and individuals in need.

Arms Wide Open CDC
Nonprofit Arms Wide Open is based in Decatur, Georgia and provides in-home aged, chronically ill, and disabled individuals with wheelchairs and other services to enhance their comfort, independence, and safety.

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation
Provides online wheelchair donation and distribution services in developing countries. This foundation also is working with representatives in Vietnam and Guatemala to develop in-country capabilities for wheelchair manufacturing and repair.

Children's Assistive Technology Services 
CATS is a pediatric durable medical equipment re-use organization, providing assistive technology devices at no cost to children who need it.  CATS serves families and children in Virginia.

Darrell Gwynn Foundation
This foundation raises awareness of spinal cord injuries, provides support for people with paralysis, and manages a national power-wheelchair donation program.

Direct Relief International
Direct Relief has provided appropriate and specifically requested medical resources, including wheelchair donations, to community-based institutions and organizations in over 140 countries including the United States.

Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment 
Accepts donations of wheelchair and rehabilitative equipment and then repairs, sanitizes and gifts the items to adults in need who live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Free Wheelchair Mission
Partners with worldwide charitable organizations to create and donate wheelchairs to physically challenged individuals living in 46 countries.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)
Providing wheelchairs and other medical disabilities to people in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with disabilities.

Friends of the Disabled Latin America (FRIDLA)
Seeks out those affected by physical disability in Latin America and supplies all types of mobility equipment to those in need. FRIDLA also conducts outreach initiatives to educate communities and families about the challenges of caring for individuals with disabilities.

Hope Haven International
Refurbishes mobility wheel chairs and manufactures pediatric wheelchairs to distribute to physically challenge people around the world through international sponsors.

Intelligent Mobility International
Accespts donations and designs, produces, and distributes affordable and durable wheelchairs, suitable for terrain in developing countries, to help people with disabilities find sustainable employment and new hope in their lives.

Joni and Friends 
A Christian-based organization with a program called Wheels for the World that distributes donated mobility chairs to those in need.

Kansas Equipment Exchange | Assistive Technology for Kansans
Helps Kansans obtain affordable, durable medical equipment and assistive technology. Accepts wheelchair donations, hospital beds, lifts and other medical equipment, which is then refurbished and given to Kansas residents in need. For more information, call 866-666-1470. 

The Kids Equipment Network
Provides physically challenged children and youth with refurbished durable medical and adaptive equipment in circumstances when their families do not have the means to pay for mobility aids. For more information, call 630-965-8176.

 LifeNets - The Wheelchair Project  
LifeNets matches donated wheelchairs with needy recipients who cannot afford or qualify for wheelchairs in the United States. The organization networks with medical missionary organizations and individuals to access and provide donated wheelchairs

MedShare accepts donations of reusable medical equipment for redistribution to underserved healthcare facilities in developing countries.

The Mobility Project
The Mobility Project exists to serve disabled people living in poverty around the world by delivering and individually fitting wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other medical equipment to the disabled in need. Additionally, the organization develops builds wheelchair refurbishing and manufacturing facilities in developing nations.

Mobility Unlimited
Mobility Unlimited is dedicated to helping working adults in Oregon who have physical disabilities obtain the mobility equipment required to live independently and maintain employment.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
MDA offices across the U.S. and Puerto Rico accept donations of manual and powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers, and other medical equipment. Donated items are refurbished and provided at no cost to local individuals in need.

Special Kids Fund - Wheelchair Vans
Special Kids Fund is an alliance of schools, hospitals, and social service organizations that provide wheelchair vans  to meet the special needs of children with disabilities and at-risk youth. 

Orphaned Wheelchairs and The Wheelchair Foundation 
The Wheelchair Foundation has partnered with Orphaned Wheelchairs to deliver wheelchairs to people in the United States. Orphaned Wheelchairs takes donations of new and used wheelchair equipment, identifies recipients in the USA, and distributes the wheelchair equipment to those in need.

Reach Out and Care Wheels Inc. 
Selected as one of eight organizations by World Learning/USAID for the provision and services of mobility products to less resourced countries, ROC provides specially designed wheelchairs for children and adults in developing countries.

REquipment (Massachusetts)
The REquipment DME reuse program accepts donations of gently-used equipment, including power and manual wheelchairs. Donations are sanitized and refurbished, and posted online. REquipment is free to Massachusetts residents with disabilities and seniors. Pick up and delivery is available in Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts. Call toll-free 1-866-244-6156.

Social Education Awareness Society (SEAS)- India
As part of its mission to promote women empowerment and help developing communities, SEAS facilitates the distribution of walking aids and wheelchairs chairs to disabled individuals. 

Special Kids Fund
Special Kids Fund is an alliance of schools, hospitals, and social service organizations that providing for the special needs of children with disabilities and at-risk youth. Through the Special Kids Fund Vehicles for the Disabled Program, donated wheelchair vans and vehicles are given to physically disabled persons who are not able to afford them.

Variety - The Children's Charity of Wisconsin
Provides life-enriching assistance to Wisconsin children challenged by physical disabilities. The organization's "Our Kids on the Go!" grant program funds wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, ramps and other mobility equipment for children 21 years of age and younger whose need for enabling equipment is not met by any other source.

Wheelchair Foundation
Supported by donations and federal funding, Wheelchair Foundation distributes hospital-style wheelchairs free to disabled people in developing countries and in the US.

Wheels for Humanity
Wheels for Humanity refurbishes donated wheelchairs and individually fits them to children and adults with disabilities in developing nations. The organization partners with international health-care organizations to identify those in greatest need.

Wheels of Mercy
Wheels of Mercy collects used wheelchairs, repairs and refurbishes them, and delivers them at no charge to people who need but cannot afford them.

Whirlwind Wheelchair International 
Whirlwind does not take or provide wheelchair donations. Rather the engineering company provides teaching and technology to help developing countries manufacture, fit and provide long-term mobility support to communities in need.

Wine for Wheels
An international association of wine enthusiasts dedicated to the "fruit of the vine" and bringing great wine, fine cuisine, and good friends together, at the same time providing wheelchair donations and philanthropic support.

If you know of other charitable sources who accept or provide wheelchair donations, please contact us. Thank you! 

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