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Wheelchair Manufacturers - Major Companies and What They Offer

The following is a list of leading wheelchair manufacturers and dealers in North America, along with a short summary of each company's product offerings...

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Mobility Chairs - Wheelchair Models, Options, and Features

There are a wide variety of mobility chairs from which to choose based on your specific requirements. As you research the type of wheelchair that best serves your needs, it is important to…

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Wheelchair Sports Activities and Organizations

Following is a list of worldwide organizations devoted to wheelchair sports activities...

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Disabled Friendly Travel Resources

The following disabled friendly travel resources provide a wealth of information on the organizations and companies who cater to the needs of mobility challenged individuals...

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Accessible Resorts in Mexico - Wheelchair Friendly Vacations

Resorts Mexico have improved accessibility levels in recent years to attract more tourism. Accessible resorts in Mexico are...

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Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Europe - Helpful Tips

Benefit from these tips for enjoying wheelchair accessible travel across Europe...

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Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Cruises

There are several factors that mobility-challenged travelers must consider when selecting wheelchair accessible cruises...

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Wheel Chairs | Mobility Scooters | Adaptive Aids - INFORMATION GUIDE

Educational resource about wheel chairs, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, lifts, mobility aids, adaptive sports, accessible travel, and support organizations.

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Mobility Resources and Suppliers

The following list includes contact information for select companies that provide mobility resources, products and related information.

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Wheelchair Donations - Find Organizations and Contacts

The following organizations handle wheelchair donations and other related mobility aids to provide greater access and mobility to those in need. If you would...

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Find Disabled Mobility Resources and Support

The following list of disabled mobility resources and organizations will help you find the right contact to answer questions and provide you with information to help you...

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Replace Your Old Wheelchair? 4 Reasons to Consider

Is your current wheelchair worn and not comfortable anymore? It may be time to replace your old wheelchair. Here's how to know...

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Transport Wheel Chair - Offers Convenience and Flexibility

A transport wheel chair is a light weight mobility chair that provides greater convenience for the user and caregiver during short outings. The benefits...

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Wheelchair Accessible Timeshare Vacations

Physically challenged travelers are finding an increasing number of leisure travel options, including a growing choice of wheelchair accessible timeshare vacations in beautiful, appealing resort...

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Electric Wheelchair - Qualifying for Medicare and Insurance Coverage

Here's how to qualify for an electric wheelchair through Medicare and your insurance to cover the cost....

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Mobility Store - Shop for Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Mobility Aids

Offering great pricing and selection, our online mobility store puts 1,200 quality products at your fingertips, including wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, ramps, walkers, mobility aids, and......

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Raised Toilet Seat - Tips for Selection

Installing a raised toilet seat will help diminish risk factors and make a home bathroom easier to use. Here are purchasing tips to...

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Reacher Grabbers - Buying Tips

Designed to help people with injuries or mobility issues, reacher grabbers are lightweight, simple to use and make executing everyday activities easier...

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Buying a Used Wheelchair - Helpful Tips

The used wheelchair market is strong as people look for less expensive alternatives to purchasing brand new mobility equipment. At the same time, those...

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Wheel Chair Bags - Selecting the Best Bag for Your Needs

Wheel chair bags come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. They provide wheelchair users with added convenience...

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Wheelchair Gloves - Advantages and Purchasing Tips

Well-designed and constructed wheelchair gloves help shield your skin and hands from damage caused by regular starting, stopping and propelling your chair each day...

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Wheelchair Fashion: Dress to Feel Your Best

Don’t limit your wheelchair fashion wardrobe to smocks or ill-fitting clothes. Looking good means feeling good. So, wear what reflects your personality...

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Wheelchair Accessories - Shop Here

Here you can shop for quality, convenient wheelchair accessories that include a wide variety of wheelchair bags, trays, cup holders, oxygen carriers, rim covers and more...

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Wheelchair Tote Bag - Styles and Selection Options

A wheelchair tote bag can come in handy when you’re out and about. Whether you’re going to work, visiting friends or spending the afternoonshopping, totes are a convenient way to...

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Cooling Wheelchair Pad - How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Cushion

A cooling wheelchair pad or seat cushion is an important accessory for those who spend extended time in a mobility chair. Here’s what’s available to you…

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