All Terrain Wheelchair ‐ It's Time to Enjoy Outdoor Activities

An all terrain wheelchair can enable you to participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Manual and powered all terrain models come with... …

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Secondhand Mobility Scooter - Buying Tips

Buying a secondhand mobility scooter can come with many potential benefits. Though, you have to be careful when making a purchase to ensure the used scooter...

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Benefits of Mobility Support Programs

Mobility Support Programs 1

Mobility support programs are vital to providing necessary assistance and resources to individuals with mobility challenges, which empower them to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

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Wheelchair Exercise - Enhancing Health and Wellbeing


A good wheelchair exercise program, regardless of the disability, can significantly improve your health and well-being...

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Find Disabled Mobility Resources and Support

The following list of disabled mobility resources and organizations will help you find the right contact to answer questions and provide you with information to help you...

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Wheelchair Sports Activities and Organizations

Following is a list of worldwide organizations devoted to wheelchair sports activities...

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Mobility Resources and Suppliers

The following list includes contact information for companies that provide mobility resources, products and related information.

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Mobility Scooters - Models, Features and Buying Tips

Mobility scooters offer more maneuverability over motorized wheelchairs and provide the capability to make tight turns, navigate small spaces...

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Choosing Between a Manual or Power Wheelchair

To help in the purchase decision between a manual or power wheelchair, here are buing considerations based on comfort, mobility, price, and ease of transport...

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Mobility Chairs - Wheelchair Models, Options, and Features

There are an impressive variety of mobility chairs from which to choose. Based on your requirements, wheelchairs, power chairs, and mobility scooter models…

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8 Popular Wheelchair Accessories

Take a look at these eight popular wheelchair accessories that add to the comfort, enjoyment and ease of daily living for wheelchair and scooter users...

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Wheel Chairs | Scooters | Mobility Aids | Accessible Recreation

Adaptive Living Guide - Information on wheel chairs, scooters, power wheelchairs, mobility aids, adaptive sports, accessible travel, support organizations...

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Accessibility in Your Home - Wheelchair Accessible Tips

The following tips are designed to help you optimize wheelchair mobility and independence by enhancing accessibility in your home...

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Electric Wheel Chair - Buying Tips and Information

Electric wheel chair models come in one of three types of wheel drives: front, mid and rear wheel drive. For comfort and excellent maneuverability, consider...

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chiropractic care for wheelchair users

chiropractic care

The benefits of chiropractic care and interventions on wheelchair users, as well as those with mobility issues and physical limitations can be multifold...

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Wheelchair Dancing Grows in Popularity Worldwide

In more than 40 countries, people of all ages and physical abilities participate in wheelchair dancing with their manual or power mobility chairs...

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Wheel Chair Lifts - A Primer on Available Models

Wheel chair lifts can be pivotal in your ability to get out, move around, and enjoy life...

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Wheelchair Tennis - Soaring Popularity

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing and most challenging among wheel chair sports activities …

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Wheelchair Seat Cushions – Types and Buying Tips

Wheelchair seat cushions should provide a high-level of comfort, wick away moisture, reduce friction, and prevent bruising or sores that result from pressure points...

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Disabled Friendly Travel Resources - Accessible Travel

The following disabled friendly travel resources provide a wealth of information on the organizations and companies who cater to the needs of mobility challenged individuals...

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Wheelchair Accessible Hunting - Information

Wheelchair accessible hunting is popular among men and women hunting enthusiasts...and the outdoors has become more accessible than ever thanks to...

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Wheelchair Basketball Rules


Wheelchair basketball rules vary slightly based on country, region, division and league in which players compete...

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Galveston Island - Wheelchair Accessible Vacationing


Galveston Island has gone to great lengths to the beaches accessible to travelers using wheelchairs. And there are lots of attractions that are mobility...

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Accessible Bed and Breakfasts – Tips for Travel Planning

Accessible bed and breakfasts provide a unique vacation experience and typically offer a higher level of individualized customer service and flexibility...

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Mobility Scooter Insurance - What You Need to Know

Unlike car owners, mobility scooter users are not typically required by law to take out mobility scooter insurance, since they do not ride on public streets. Yet, many...

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