Wheel Chair Bags

Wheel chair bags or packs are often necessary accessories to enable you to easily tote your personal possessions, such as a lightweight jacket or sweater, snacks and drinks, reading materials, and even shopping items. When shopping for a chair bag, there are a wide variety of carrying sizes and styles from which to choose.

Types of Wheel Chair Bags

There are bags that attach to the back, front, side, or underside of a wheelchair. Bags that attach to the front or side of a wheel chair are easy to access for the user.

A bag that attaches to the back or underside of a mobility chair requires the assistance of a caregiver or friend to reach the items inside it. 

Bags that attach to the back of a wheelchair have straps that fit over the handles; while, bags located beneath a wheelchair consist of canopies that are ideal for carrying larger items.

Styles designed to sit at the front of your wheelchair are connected to straps that are secured at the back of the wheelchair. These bags can sit on your lap, giving you easy access to your belongings.

Purchasing Tips

Look for bags that have the features and capacity you need to carry your things, such as expandable pockets, zippered compartments, a water bottle holder, and even hidden pockets for your keys and money.

Choose closures that are easy to handle and enable you to open and close your bag with minimal effort.

How your chair pack is made and the type of material used is important, based on how – and how often – you plan to use it. Look for strong, durable construction, check for taped seams (for comfort) and determine if your pack features waterproofed materials or keep moisture and rain away from your items.

The most important selection factor is to make sure that the bag you choose doesn't inhibit the functionality of your wheelchair. Before making a purchase, fill the bag to capacity with various items you plan to carry with you. Then, have it strapped on to your wheelchair. Take a test ride to see if the attached "carryall" interferes with your chair's balance or makes it harder to move. If it does, see if the straps can be adjusted or select a different style or size.

After all, these bags should provide added convenience and not slow you down.

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