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Using Wheelchair Gloves with Self-Propelled Chairs

Wheelchair users who propel their own chairs exert a lot of  pressure and physical stress on their hands, especially on the palms. This type of repeated strain can lead to blisters, pain, abrasions and uncomfortable callouses. Repetitive strain injury, including carpal tunnel syndrome, can also occur with daily use of a self-propelled mobility chair, adding to your discomfort. Using wheelchair gloves can help protect hands from potential injury – and also provides useful benefits. 

Well-designed and constructed gloves help shield your skin and hands from damage caused by regular starting, stopping and propelling your wheelchair each day. Gloves can also help minimize injury caused by vibrations and repeated impact.

In addition to protecting your hands from hurt, gloves can help you maneuver your chair with greater ease, as well as keep your hands comfortable and dry in inclement weather.

Purchasing Tips

Comfortable Fit: The push and pull of a wheelchair on a daily basis is a challenge in itself. To achieve some relief, choose gloves that not only offer protection but also feel good against your skin. Look for gloves made from quality, soft leather. You may want to opt for a neoprene backing that stretches for a more flexible fit. Gel padding provides excellent cushioning for palms.

Durability: Investing in wheelchairs gloves that can withstand regular wear, while providing good protection in different temperature and weather conditions, will give you value for your money. Also, consider the gloves’ breathability to minimize wear and tear that can be caused by moisture.

Ease of Use: Look for gloves that offer good gripping capability and don't restrict your hand movement in any way. Open-fingered gloves  work well and minimize hand restriction. However, full-fingered gloves offer more overall protection, especially important during cold-weather months. Also, select a style that provides fast, effortless "hand into glove" access.

Affordability: As you evaluate your glove options, price always plays a role. Once you have found gloves that meet the above criteria, compare prices from quality retailers – storefront and online stores. Beware of sellers who distribute gloves that are not designed for wheelchair use.

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