Selecting a Wheelchair Tote Bag

A wheelchair tote bag can come in handy when you’re out and about. Whether you’re commuting to work, visiting friends or spending the afternoon at a shopping mall, totes are a convenient way to store necessities such as your wallet, eyeglasses, water bottle, medication, reading material and snacks. 

Types of Wheelchair Totes

The most common type of wheelchair tote bag looks like a backpack. It has straps that secure to the upper back of your wheelchair or tie to the push handles.

While accessing the contents in a backpack tote may not be as convenient as other types of wheelchair bags, this style is ideal for carrying a large numbers of things and/or oversized items with you. If a companion or caregiver accompanies you, a backpack tote is often the best choice.

Some wheelchair bags attach to the side of mobility chairs, allowing you to keep small personal items within easy reach. There are multi-purpose wheelchair bags or pouches that you can wear around your waist or neck.

Others totes conveniently attach to the armrest of your wheelchair. An under seat organizer can also be placed under the seat of most manual wheelchairs to provide additional storage space.

Tips for Choosing Wheelchair Bags

If you plan to carry a lot of small items, make sure to choose a tote bag with several compartments so you can keep everything organized. For example, some wheelchair bags have compartments for loose change, keys, and sunglasses. Others feature side pockets for items like water bottles and folding umbrellas.

For those who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, a wheelchair bag made of waterproof material is ideal because it protects belongings from the elements.

Typically, wheelchair bags feature either Velcro or hook and loop straps for closure and attachment. Velcro is the most popular because it is so easy to open and close. Some wheelchair bags feature pull-ring zippers, making opening and closing hassle-free.

Wheelchair bags are commonly made out of nylon or spandex. Nylon bags are waterproof and can be used to carry heavy items. Spandex bags are more flexible than nylon bags and ideal for carrying bulky items. If you want to store fragile personal items like glasses in your wheelchair bag, choose a bag with soft lining and a protective shell. 

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