Portable Wheelchair Ramp
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If you are in the market to buy a portable wheelchair ramp, there are a number of important considerations, including style of ramp, size, use, and ease of transport. There are four different types of portable ramps: telescoping ramps, threshold ramps, suitcase ramps, and roll-up ramps.

Threshold ramps are wedge-shaped ramps that are typically made of rubber or metal. Threshold ramps allow wheelchair users to access doorway thresholds and areas with raised floors. They are often kept in the same place.

Telescoping ramps adjust in length, so they can be used for a variety of obstacles and rises.

Suitcase ramps can be used to bridge the gap over steps, curbs, and raised landings. They get their name from the ease with which they can be folded up and stored.

Roll-up ramps consist of a track that is attached to side rails. To store the ramp, simply remove the side rails and roll up the tread, as you would a sleeping bag.

portable wheelchair ramps

Size and Slope

Make sure that your ramp is slightly narrower than the opening where it will be placed and wide enough to accommodate your wheelchair. The American Disability Association (ADA) recommends a minimum clear width of 36 inches.

The ADA recommends using a mobility ramp with the least possible slope. The maximum slope they recommend is 1:12. This means that for every foot in height, the ramp must be at least 12 feet long. Additionally, when selecting a ramp, make sure that there will be enough head clearance to safely load the wheelchair and its user.

Weight and Ease of Transport 

For easy transport, purchase a portable ramp made of aluminum or fiberglass, both of which are lightweight materials that are convenient to carry.

These ramps can also be secured for semi-permanent placement, if you wish. Just make sure that the ramp you choose is capable of handling the weight of both the wheelchair and its user. 

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