Portable Wheelchair Ramps

For mobility chair users, portable wheelchair ramps can make the world more accessible and enjoyable. The ramps are light and easy to transport and can be used to travel over thresholds, curbs, and a few stairs. Some portable ramps can also be used with vehicles to enable easy in-and-out access.

These ramps are frequently constructed with aluminum, though reinforced plastic and other materials are used in some models. Typically a portable wheelchair ramp can handle up to 300 or 400 pounds. Some manufacturers sell ramps that can carry up to 800 pounds of weight.

Before you make a decision about which type of portable ramps to buy or rent, begin by assessing your needs.

Do you need a relatively simply ramp to help you bridge a curb or a step or two? Or one that will enable you to access greater heights or an accessible vehicle?

Once you determine your usage needs, take careful measurements the porch, doorway, van, or other opening where you want to use your ramp.

Take into account the durability of the ramp as well. Is it built to take the weight of the manual or electric wheelchair you use? If you’re looking for a suitcase ramp, does it fold up easily and compactly? Can it be easily carried?

Also examine the safety features of the ramps you are considering. Look for non-skid surfaces and locking devices to hold ramps securely in place.

Following are different types of ramps from which to choose, based on your needs.

  • Portable suitcase ramps can be packed and unpacked and used to access porches and raised landings.
  • Multi-fold ramps, which unfold to the required length to access vans, minivans, and raised landings.
  • Telescopic track ramps, which consist of two tracks that extend and lock to provide wheelchair access to mini- and full-sized vans.
  • Roll-up ramps, which are highly portable and help wheelchairs and scooters up curbs and short steps or into vans.
  • Threshold ramps, which allow the wheelchair or scooter to cross thresholds easily. Make sure you’re able to open and close the door after installation. 

For more information on the variety of ramps that are available, click here: Mobility Ramps

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