Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp

A suitcase wheelchair ramp offers a convenient solution to transport a ramp wherever you want to go, enabling you to easily traverse steps, landings, curbs and other raised surfaces that otherwise would not be accessible in a wheelchair or scooter. 

suitcase wheelchair ramp

Made of aluminum with skid-resistant traction surfaces, suitcase ramps are designed with hinges so they can fold once, twice or even three times, depending on the ramp size and manufacturer.

The ramps typically come in lengths ranging from two to six feet. They are designed to be used while traveling or in other settings where a permanent ramp is not available or feasible to install. 

Once folded, there are sturdy handles so the ramp can easily be moved in the same way  you would carry a suitcase (hence the name) from one location to another. To use the ramp, it just needs to be unfolded and positioned properly over an obstruction by a companion, providing you with safe and easy access.

Longer suitcase ramps that are between five and six feet can sometimes be used to enable access into and out of some mobility vans.

Ramp weight capacity typically ranges between 500 and 800 pounds. The width of suitcase ramps is usually around 29 inches. The ramp itself can weigh from 10 to nearly 40 pounds to transport, depending on the size and model you choose.

In addition, some ramps include other features such as adjustable transition plates and extension lips to make it easier to be wheeled on and off the ramp. Many models also feature self-adjusting ramp feet, reflective edges for enhanced visibility, and a weatherproof carrying bag to protect your ramp when not in use.

To determine the length of ramp you need, reference the wheelchair ramp guidelines by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) that require a 2:12 slope for residential ramps used with occupied wheelchairs and scooters. This means you need one foot of ramp for every two inches of rise. Business use requires a 1:12 slope, which equates to one foot of ramp for every one inch of rise.

For more information on wheelchair and scooter ramps, click here: portable ramps.

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