Standing Wheelchair: An Overview

Should You Consider a Standing Wheelchair?

Technological advancements and innovations in mobility chair design have enabled the introduction of the standing wheelchair, which enables users to operate mechanical or powered controls to shift between a seated position and a secure standing position.

With the stander integrated into the wheelchair base, the user can experience more frequent standing and counter the negative health effects that come from continuous sitting.

In addition, users find they have more energy, enhanced functional ability, and greater independence.

According to a report by the Rehabilitation Engineering ad Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA), standing allows certain individuals to be more involved in activities of daily living that include cooking, cleaning and grooming.

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As productivity increases, the mobility chair user's psychological well-being is supported and enhanced.

From a physical wellness perspective, RESNA reports that more frequent standing can help maintain organ capacity, as well as reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections and pressure sores.

Moreover, elevating to an upright position more often can help reduce the incidence of abnormal muscle tone, muscle spasms, and skeletal deformities that result from constant sitting.

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There are a variety of mobility companies who sell manual and powered standing wheel chairs. Standing mobility chairs must be carefully fitted and customized to address the user’s size, abilities and needs.

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It is essential to consult with a licensed medical professional when you are first considering making a standing wheel chair to purchase. Your doctor or occupational therapist needs to be closely involved with your selection and purchase process.

This includes completing a detailed assessment of your needs, writing a prescription for the standing chair, advising on chair selection, and overseeing your training to ensure safe navigation of the standing chair equipment.

During use, extensive training and precautions are required to ensure safe operation, avoiding the chance of injury.

User reviews of some standing wheel chair manufacturers and models can be found online at the United Spinal Association's TechGuide by clicking here. When you arrive at the site, do a search for a power or manual standing wheel chair to find the user reviews.

To source other companies offering standing mobility chairs, contact your healthcare provider, mobility retailer and/or conduct a search on standing wheelchairs on the internet.

During the purchase process, always inquire about warranties, servicing, delivery, and training of your standing chair. It is also beneficial to ask for references and/or names of prior purchasers and request approval to contact them about their personal experience with the chair model you are considering.

For information on all-terrain wheelchairs and climbing mobility chairs, please click here.

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