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Mobility scooter mirrors and wheelchair mirrors are important accessories to help users carefully traverse sidewalks, malls, office buildings, parks and other places that have pedestrian or motorized traffic.

Similar to the rear-view mirrors that you see on cars, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds, scooter mirrors are key to your safety and the safety of others. These accessories are particularly important if you use your mobility scooter outside of your home

Scooter mirrors assist you in seeing what’s going on behind you before you make turns or change driving positions, as you get to your destination. Scooter mirrors are important when you are backing your scooter into a garage or other area and have difficulty turning your head to look for obstacles.

If mirrors do not come with your scooter, they are readily available both online and offline from scooter retailers, wheelchair companies and mobility parts providers.

Some mobility scooter mirrors are brand specific, while other mirrors are "universal" and can easily be installed on most types of mobility scooters. They are inexpensive to buy. Yet, be sure to inquire about fit and installation prior to making your after-market purchase.

While one adjustable mirror may seem adequate for your needs, you may want to consider the benefits of buying two mirrors. The benefits are the same as using two mirrors with other types of vehicles. Dual mirrors enable you to maximize your view on both left and right sides, providing for added safety and peace of mind.

Yet, it is important to note that scooter mirrors – like all types of rear-view mirrors – have a blind spot that you need to be aware of. Therefore, always watch for pedestrians, cars, trucks, and cyclists who may not be reflected in your mirrors.

Always take precautionary steps to look around before making any steering adjustments as you navigate and enjoy your outings.

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