Buying a Cheap Mobility Scooter

If you are cash-strapped, it is possible to find a cheap mobility scooter on the market that will meet your needs. A number of manufacturers, as well as discount mobility retailers, offer less expensive scooter models, which are specifically designed to accommodate a tight budget.

In addition, buying a used, reconditioned electric scooter represents another way to reduce your cost and still benefit from the freedom and independence a scooter offers – without breaking the bank.

Just like the more expensive models, cheaper priced scooters are designed to be safe and comfortable for the user. They are typically lighter and may have fewer features. The lighter weight can making it easier to transport your scooter wherever you want to go.

Be aware that a less expensive scooter may not last as long and/or require additional maintenance and servicing to keep it in tip-top shape. Talk with the retailer about the reliability of the model you are considering compared to more expensive mobility scooters.

You can select a three- or four-wheeled model, based on where you plan to take your scooter and whether maneuverability or stability is your top priority. Just like pricier models, a cheap mobility scooter with three wheels is easier to navigate in tight spaces and around corners.

A model with four wheels may feel a bit more steady on uneven surfaces and offer a greater sense of balance when you are driving it. Yet it cannot make sharp turns as easily.

When you begin your search process, carefully evaluate the warranty, servicing requirements and access, and options. Always test drive any scooter you are considering to ensure you are comfortable with the seating, overall ride, steering and controls. This is essential in every price range.

Note that the cost of the scooter battery and charger are usually extra so be sure to inquire about total package pricing, including tax, delivery and available service agreements.

If you are opting for a used or reconditioned model, have it fully checked out and tested by a certified scooter technician. This will help you determine predicted reliability, future costs associated with the scooter, and whether the price represents a real value compared to your other options.

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