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A cat wheelchair or cart can enhance the quality of life for felines who cannot use their hind legs due to paralysis, injury or other disability. These mobility devices allow your cat to walk, run, defecate, and sometimes even lie down, depending on the model.

Wheelchairs for cats typically feature two harnesses: a harness that supports the cat’s shoulders and a harness that supports the cat’s hips or pelvic region.

Most models feature two wheels that are positioned on either side of where the hind paws would normally make contact with the ground. Wheelchairs need to be custom-fitted according to your cat’s specific measurements and needs.

Cats have a keen sense of balance so some felines can adjust to an injury or amputated limb and regain some level of mobility on their own. However, others who are paralyzed or have difficulties re-learning how to walk may be ideal candidates for a cat cart.

Feline Wheelchair Considerations

A well-made cat wheel chair allows your pet to move around with ease. You should remove the wheelchair and harnesses during nap time because sores can develop on contact points.

Pet owners also need to be careful about monitoring their cats for sores and abrasions that develop when using a cart. Some cats may get frustrated because the wheels of the wheelchair can get stuck when they go around corners.

Whether or not your cat will be able to adapt to a wheelchair depends on his or her personality. If you think your cat's quality of life can be enhanced with a custom-fitted cart, talk with your veterinarian to see if a cat wheelchair is a viable option. He or she can also recommend where to find mobility equipment for cats.

Since pet mobility equipment was initially developed for dogs, makers of dog carts also make wheelchairs for cats on request. For information on some dog cart suppliers, click here. 

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