Wheel Chair Scales

Wheel chair scales are designed to make the process of tracking weight gains and losses more comfortable for the wheelchair user – and more accurate and efficient for the healthcare professional.

Today's scales not only measure weight, they perform other functions including calculating body mass index (BMI) and converting pounds and kilograms 

Most feature LED panels with swivel capability for ease of use. Built-in wheels with locks make them highly mobile for added convenience. Models run on electricity or can be battery powered. Some feature USB ports, enabling a direct connection with patient health software equipment.

Scales come in two basic configurations: wheel chair ramp styles and chair scales.

Wheel Chair Ramp Scales

These scales feature an easy-access ramp that enables the wheel chair user to remain in his or her own chair and wheeled onto the scale for weighing.

Ramps come in different configurations and can be accessed from the front or side, depending on the model. Some scales are more portable with wheels, folding ramps and no platforms.

Other models come with side safety barriers, hand rails and large platforms in varying sizes based on the size and weight capacity required.

As with other scales, these models come with a choice of a mechanical balance beam mechanism or digital weight reader.

Chair Scales

Chair scales are designed for those with greater mobility. They can be wheeled to the patient who then transfers to the chair scale.

Mechanical balance beam mechanisms or battery-operated digital models then calculate weight. Some chair scales measure body fat index, as well.

Chair scales come in a variety of standard and bariatric models. Features include locking wheels and arms that swivel or lift out for front or side transfers.

Some models also come with adjustable footrests, zero-turning radius for increased maneuverability, and a flip-up seat that allows for calculating weight either standing or sitting. Weight capacity ranges by chair model and manufacturer.

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