Vertical Wheel Chair Platform Lifts

Vertical wheel chair platform lifts, which can be powered by hydraulics or electricity, allow individuals to be lowered or elevated to a floor level without leaving their mobility chair. Most effectively used as an alternative to wheelchair ramps and low-rise elevators, these lifts help overcome architectural constraints in commercial buildings and residences.

Available in both open and enclosed configurations, vertical wheel chair platform lifts can be installed outdoors, indoors, freestanding or in a hoist-way.

According to Anthony Robbins, a design consultant with Day Elevator and Lift, vertical wheelchair lifts come in different models with different sized platforms:

  • Enclosed: With this type of lift, the individual is carried up and down floor levels on a platform surrounded by walls and a ceiling.
  • Shaft: This type of lift is designed for easy access along narrow stairways.
  • Stage: This model is used for shorter height situations such as those found on a performance stage.
  • Opal: This lift is similar to the enclosed model, but features an open ceiling.

Safety features that are commonly included in vertical wheel chair lifts are emergency stop button, constant pressure control buttons, under-platform obstruction sensors, final limit switch, and anti-slip flooring.

Incline vs. Vertical Lifts

Incline wheelchair lifts vary from vertical platform models because they are specifically designed for carrying people up and down stairways in homes and buildings.

Also referred to as stair lifts, incline models can be used with straight or curved stairways and can be wall-mounted or structure supported.

They are available in a variety of sizes and are typically designed for lifting a person up to a height of 14 feet.

Advanced models usually feature obstruction sensors that can sense obstacles on the way, and stop the lift. This feature helps in avoiding harm to the user, and prevents damage to the equipment. When the obstacle is removed, the lift continues to move.

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