Walking Canes

Walking canes may be classified as one of the earliest mobility aids. Yet, the look of these centuries-old walking aids has evolved significantly from their appearance as medical apparatus.

While a variety of quality canes will always be available on the market, users can choose from a growing selection of attractive, stylish canes that serve both fashion and function. These decorative canes are available in a broad range of designs, colors and materials.

Design Options

Standard black wood or silver aluminum canes have been augmented by the availability of canes in every color of the rainbow.

Today’s canes can be found with floral designs, abstract motifs and beautiful woods with insets designed to appeal to every individual’s sense of style. With hundreds of colors and patterns, decorative canes come in different sizes and to meet the needs of both men and women.

For example, extra tall men can now easily find a cane that is handsome in appearance and, at the same time, provides great support. There are attractive wooden canes available that have a weight capacity of 500 pounds are 44 inches tall to alleviate the need for bending.

You can also choose from canes that provide three points of contact – instead of one – to enhance balance when walking on rough or uneven surfaces. 

Folding Canes

Folding canes are growing in popularity and selection. They can fold into less than 10 to 12 inches in length and can be easily stored in a purse or briefcase. Many folding models come with their own wrist strap, removable rubber tip and carrying case that looks like a fine quality cosmetic bag.

Cane Handles

Whether you are buying an aluminum medical cane with single or quad footing –  or a beautiful, decorative cane that offers style and stability, the handle should be an important consideration in the selection process.

The shape and curvature of the handle allows an individual’s weight to be distributed over the palm of the hands and the cane shaft rather than over the fingers, which can be less stable and possibly produce finger pain.

Handles can be made of a variety of materials that range from smooth lacquered wood to molded plastic. Special grips can be added to help individuals more securely hold the handle and use the cane with greater ease. Before buying a cane, always test the comfort of the handle and the level of support the cane provides when walking. 

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