Lightweight Wheelchair Benefits

A lightweight wheelchair is easier to propel and maneuver than a standard mobility chair. This type of mobility chair is also easier to transport and store. Typically weighing 15 to 34 pounds, lightweight models are sometimes referred to as transport chairs and feature four small wheels or have two large wheels in the rear and two small wheels in the front.

Available Types

Folding models are most popular for occasional use because the the rear wheels can be removed, allowing the folded chair to be stored in very small spaces.

The most popular lightweight wheel chair model is the rigid wheelchair. Rigid mobility chairs are lighter than folding wheelchairs because they don’t feature the additional hardware and mechanisms that folding wheelchairs require.

The backrest of a rigid wheelchair folds for transport. Unlike folding wheelchairs, the middle of a rigid wheelchair does not fold.

Standard lightweight wheel chairs are made of aluminum but titanium is the material of choice for lightweight mobility aids. Titanium is not only a lighter metal, it is more durable and features built-in shock absorption. Titanium wheelchairs are available in both rigid and folding models, and are more expensive than aluminum wheelchairs.


Some lightweight mobility chairs feature adjustable frames, which allow you to change the angle of the seat back to achieve several different seating positions.

Lightweight wheel chairs with desk-length armrests enable users to sit closer to a table or desk; while, full-length armrests provide complete support of the arms.

Most models come with removable swing-away footrests that enable easy transferring and provide leg support while the user is seated. Typically, swing-away footrests cannot be raised or lowered. Optional leg rests feature calf pads that provide support and elevate each leg to the desired position.

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