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This wheel chair mobility blog features the latest news, resources and articles from Mobility-Advisor.com. The information provided is designed to enhance independence for individuals of all ages who need wheelchair and other mobility assistance.

Find Disabled Mobility Resources and Support

The following list of disabled mobility resources and organizations will help you find the right contact to answer questions and provide you with information to help you...

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Choosing a Lift Chair - Features to Consider

Before making a purchase, consider what you need in a lift chair and how it fits your lifestyle. Then ask yourself...

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Accessible Resorts in Mexico - Wheelchair Friendly Vacations

Resorts Mexico have improved accessibility levels in recent years to attract more tourism. Accessible resorts in Mexico are...

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Disabled Friendly Travel Resources

The following disabled friendly travel resources provide a wealth of information on the organizations and companies who cater to the needs of mobility challenged individuals...

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Mobility Toilet Aids - Information and Buying Tips

There are a variety of different mobility toilet aids on the market today that are designed to address the personal requirements of people with limited movement....

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Raised Toilet Seat - Tips for Selection

Installing a raised toilet seat will help diminish risk factors and make a home bathroom easier to use. Here are purchasing tips to...

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ADA Bathroom Design Guidelines and Tips

Following are some key ADA bathroom design guidelines, as you consider converting your home's bathroom to accommodate...

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Wheelchair Accessible Timeshare Vacations

Physically challenged travelers are finding an increasing number of leisure travel options, including a growing choice of wheelchair accessible timeshare vacations in beautiful, appealing resort...

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Wheel Chair Lift - Making the Best Choice

The following includes an overview of wheel chair lift types and help you determine which will be most beneficial for your lifestyle needs...

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Motorized Wheelchairs - Buying Tips and Insights

Before making a purchase, test drive a number of motorized wheelchairs to compare their ease of use, level of comfort, functionality and available features, as well as pricing...

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Wheel Chair Accessible Hotel - Finding Lodging that Meets Your Needs

The following trip planning recommendations will help you choose the right wheel chair accessible hotel that can make the difference between a great vacation or a frustrating trip...

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Reacher Grabbers - Buying Tips

Designed to help people with injuries or mobility issues, reacher grabbers are lightweight, simple to use and make executing everyday activities easier...

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Wheelchair Etiquette - What You Should Know

This information provides simple guidelines for wheelchair etiquette and how to effectively and respectively interact with an individual who uses a wheelchair...

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Disability Etiquette ... Glossary of Appropriate Terms

The following disability etiquette terms serve as a guide to more respectfully communicate with people with disabilities in all types of settings...

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Transport Wheelchair - Choices and Buying Tips

One of the most important aspects of a transport wheelchair is the freedom and flexibility it provides the individual and the caregiver...

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Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Europe - Helpful Tips

Benefit from these tips for enjoying wheelchair accessible travel across Europe...

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Rollator Buying Tips - Finding the Right Model for Your Needs

Unlike a traditional medical walker that needs to be lifted with each step, a rollator glides easily across even surfaces and can be customized with a host of options that allow for comfort and...

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Magazines for Wheelchair Users

There are a number of magazines for wheelchair users that focus content of special interest to individuals who live with mobility challenges. Most of these...

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Walking Aids - Factors to Consider when Making a Purchase

Choosing the suitable walking aids involves a many factors, including cognitive function, coordination, physical fitness, upper-body strength and a person's surroundings.

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4 Self-Care Practices that Empower

These self-care practices will help bolster your confidence and improve your overall health, in addition to...

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Mobility Resources and Suppliers

The following list includes contact information for select companies that provide mobility resources, products and related information.

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Air Travelers with Disabilities - Use this Hotline Number

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has a toll-free hotline dedicated to helping air travelers with disabilities understand what to expect, their rights, and address issues...

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ADA Hotel Selection Tips

While an ADA hotel may comply with all required accessibility guidelines,there is so much more that constitutes an ADA-friendly hotel. Here are hotel selection tips...

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Wheelchair Donations - Find Organizations and Contacts

The following organizations handle wheelchair donations and other related mobility aids to provide greater access and mobility to those in need. If you would...

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Accessible Vehicle Equipment - for Safety and Comfort

The first step in adapting an accessible vehicle is to determine the equipment you need to ensure safety and enjoyment every time you drive...

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