Mobility Toilet Aids

There are a variety of different mobility toilet aids on the market today that are designed to address the personal requirements of people with limited movement. The following list includes some of the different types of mobility toilet aids available from medical product stores, suppliers and online retailers. Click on the photos below for specific product information. 

Adjustable Raised Toilet Seats accommodate different sizes of commodes and elevate the toilet seat up to 6 ½ inches. Some raised seats come with special locking bracket that clip onto your toilet. Others require no installation and can be used with any size or type of bowl.

Raised toilet seats are easy to clean and store. It is advisable to use a safety frame with your raised toilet seat to avoid slipping or falling in the bathroom.

Adjustable Toilet Safety Frames are designed for placement over a standard toilet or with a raised toilet seat. The height and width of the frames can be adjusted to suit the individual.

Armrests and aluminum frame construction provide security and balance for the users. Look for models where the arms fold back for easy transfers and cleaning.

Raised Toilet Seats with Armrests offer some of the benefits of a raised seat when combined with a safety frame.

These models come as a single unit that fits over the toilet bowl. Padded and unpadded armrests are available based on individual requirements.

Freestanding Combination Models can be used as a commode or raised toilet seat. They are adjustable, freestanding, and feature an easily removable pail.

Some models come with splash guards that can be placed over the elevated seat for hygienic purposes.

Toilet Chairs look similar to manual wheelchairs with special seats that have a cutout to allow the individual to be wheeled over the toilet and use it without transferring. Toilet chairs are typically designed for shower use as well.

In addition to the wheeled models, stationary toilet chairs are available from some suppliers.

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