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Wheelchair packs and totes allow you to carry or store personal items such as books and groceries. Most backpacks fit on the back of your chair, usually on the hand grips.

Totes that are designed to carry smaller items typically rest under your seat or attach to the chairs armrest. Another option is an under seat bag, allowing for storage space under the wheelchair seat, where normally there is none. 

Wheelchair trays make eating, writing and reading easier and more convenient. Several styles of wheelchair lap trays are available. Padded trays help protect arms against developing pressure ulcerations or bruises. Clear polycarbonate provides a clear view of lower extremities.

Wheelchair trays with rims keep pens, paper, utensils, and other items from rolling off the tray. A flip-away half tray lifts up and out of the way during transfers and for storage.  

Wheelchair support devices help with inadequate or inappropriately sized or positioned wheelchair equipment. Poor positioning in a chair can contribute to developing pressure ulcers, skin tears, bruising, discomfort, and other health concerns. The use of positioning and support devices can help protect the user and add tremendous comfort while in the chair.

Personal safety alarms provide reassurance and alert family members and caregivers whenever individuals may be in danger from a fall or other potentially harmful circumstances. 

Transfer boards and standing aids help provide support and facilitate transfers for individuals and their caregivers. There are an array of boards and standing devices from which to choose.

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