Purchase Considerations for a
Wheelchair Van Lift

A wheelchair van lift alleviates the need for a caregiver to manually transfer a individual from a mobility chair into a vehicle. In addition, a vehicle lift makes the process of loading and unloading a wheelchair much faster and easier.

There are two primary types of van lifts: Rotary Wheelchair Lifts and Platform Wheelchair Lifts.

Rotary wheelchair lifts, also known as swing lifts, move the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle through the use of a hydraulic or electric boom arm. This type of lift is most often used in minivans and full-sized vans.

Platform wheelchair lifts may be automatic or semi-automatic. The automatic variety will raise and lower, as well as fold and unfold, with the push of a button. A semi-automatic lift raises and lowers automatically but requires manual folding and unfolding of the lift.

In addition to automatic and semi-automatic functionality, the following questions and features should be considered before make a purchase.

  • Is the lift compatible with the make, model and year of your vehicle, as well as the model of your mobility chair.?
  • What is the usable length of the lift? Make sure the dimensions are sufficient to accommodate your mobility chair – especially if it is electric or self powered.
  • Are the lift controls easy to operate and understand?
  • Will the weight rating of the lift be suitable for your needs? Many lifts accommodate up to 600 pounds.
  • Does the lift have a remote control for operation?
  • What are the terms of the warranty and how will the problems be handled if they should arise?
  • What type of regular maintenance is required to maintain the van lift in optimum condition?
  • Who will handle the installation of the lift?

In addition, always check references of the company selling and installing the lift to ensure previous buyers are satisfied.

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