Types of Wheelchair Access Ramps

There are a wide variety of wheelchair access ramps on the market to help mobility chair users overcome barriers and enjoy greater freedom. Ramps enable people to easily enter buildings and traverse sidewalk curbs, porches, steps, landings, vehicles and other places that otherwise would not be possible.

To help you understand your options and determine the type of ramp you need, here is a summary of the the various ramp categories from which to choose.

Modular Ramps

Customized for permanent or semi-permanent placement, these mobility  ramps are built to accommodate specific access points and may include platforms, integral landings, self-contained leveling systems, supports, wheels, flanges, and handrails.

Threshold Ramps

Used to help wheelchair or scooter users traverse uneven or rough surfaces such as doorways and other raised areas, these models can be installed permanently or moved from one location to another.

Folding, Portable Ramps

These ramps are typically made of aluminum and are designed for maximum portability. They feature single or multiple hinged folds that allow them to be easily stored, carried and set up when needed.

Telescoping Wheelchair Ramps

These models, which feature two fitted platform sections that slide against each other, are designed to adjust to different lengths to accommodate various types and sizes of inclines.

Track Ramps

Track wheelchair ramps come in a variety of sizes (some with telescoping features) and are designed with “tracks” to align with the wheels of the wheelchair.

Van Access Ramps

These ramps are designed to provide side or back door access to a mobility van. They can be manual or electronically operated and are usually made of aluminum and nonskid materials.

Additional summary information on ramps types can be found by clicking here or on one of the related articles below.

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