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If you’re looking for handicap wheelchair clothing, often referred to as adaptive apparel, you'll find a variety of styles from which to choose. Some of the most popular kinds of adaptive apparel are not really items of clothing at all, but articles to keep you warm, such as blankets and shoulder wraps.

When choosing clothing there are several key questions to help you make your selection:

  • Will it fit you? Most articles of clothing are designed to fit you, not your wheelchair. In this respect, buying wheelchair clothing is much like buying any other kind of clothing; it depends on your size. 
  • Is it right for your lifestyle? Some handicap outfits are designed for an active lifestyle, with waterproof and wind-resistant items available. You can also find the more traditional fleece blankets and foot pouches. 
  • Does it look good? Handicap wheelchair clothing comes in a variety of looks to match your style. The items are available in a number of different colors and textures, from monochrome fleece blankets to electric lilac leg covers. 

One important consideration for mobility chair users is a device that prevents your clothing from being caught in the wheels. Made of plastic, fiber, or cloth, these quarter-circle-shaped clothes guards fit between you and the rear wheels.

The solid plastic variety are attached to the chair (usually manual wheelchairs) with hardware. One cautionary note: rigid clothes guards may prevent your wheelchair from folding flat. This is usually not a problem with the cloth variety.

Finally, consider "clothing" for the wheelchair itself. Wheelchair covers come in sizes large enough to fit any wheelchair or electric scooter, and most are weatherproof, just in case you end up storing your wheelchair outdoors.

Most covers will keep your wheelchair or scooter safe from the hazards associated with wind, rain and snow, as well as keep it clean from dust and other debris while not in use.

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